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Anti Static

Anti Static Treatments - More Than Just Cleaning


Did you know that static electricity could build up during low humidity periods and wreak havoc on your electrical equipment? If not, be sure to call Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney to learn more about how you can save expensive repairs (or even replacements) to your computers and data storage devices.


Here, at Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we offer anti-static carpet treatments to prevent the build up of static electricity on carpets and rugs. Of course, let's not forget about the curtains that can also get charged up. Since we live in the digital age, losing stored data in a computer or a storage device could cause plenty of problems. We will make sure to employ environmentally friendly methods to get rid of electrostatic build up fast and easily with many added benefits - an anti-static carpet treatment with another one of our services will make you eligible for a discount!


We highly recommend this treatment for offices and commercial buildings as well as for those of you who operate home businesses. Call us up to obtain a free quote and additional details!

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