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Pet Stains

Keep the Pets But Not the Stains


As much as we love our pets, we can't deny the fact that accidents do happen and we will have to clean them up. For pet owners, vomit and urine are among the most common issues that cause cleaning problems that could not only create bad smells but also be a nursery for harmful disease causing agents. And then there are the embarrassing stains. But, no need to worry as Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney is ready with the ideal solution.


Even if the stains are not immediately visible, we can use our special Ultra Violet Urine Locator to find the areas that require attention and treat them immediately. Carpets are especially tricky when it comes to pet accidents. However, for the steam cleaning specialists at Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney, it is no trouble at all. Carpets, tiles or furniture fabric, we can make sure that the affected area is free from all stains and lasting damage.


Of course, a little insurance for future accidents would always be of help wouldn't it? Well, we offer fabric protection to minimise future damage to your carpets and upholstery. Contact us to keep pet odours away!

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