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Stain Protection

Stain Protection at Its Finest


Prevention is better than the cure. This also applies to stains. Stain protection can be easily applied to a variety of materials to make sure that they are safe from a wide range of possible stains. Here, at Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we use a protectant that can be applied to form a layer over sofas, chairs or carpets to keep these surfaces clean and safe for many years. Of course, the quality and the colour of the fabric are completely safe. 


We all know that a spill of a colourful liquid can seep in and settle on a surface to create an unattractive stain. The protection coating will allow you a chance to wipe the spill away before it becomes a stain. This will save a great deal of time and money in the long run. Bought a new rug? Contact us to get it stain proofed!

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