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Water Damage

Water Damage Treatments

A burst pipe, toilet overflow or even heavy rain: water damage can happen in a lot of ways and leave you with many problems unless they are treated the right way. For instance, wooden floors can easily rot, concrete can become a breeding ground for mould and carpets can be completely ruined due to water damage. Of course, unless proper water treatments are administered, even the structural integrity of a building can be compromised.


The key to minimising water damage is to make sure that you act fast. A mould infestation can be spotted easily as discolouration in its very early stages. However, mould acts quite fast. Therefore, keeping your eyes open for any early signs right after a water emergency is a good way to prevent any long term damage.


At Hills Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we provide water damage treatments for a wide range of water emergencies. With our highly developed techniques, professional know-how and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, even the toughest of mould infestations can be cleared away quickly and easily. Contact us for additional details on water damage.

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